What Does A Will Lawyer Do?

A will is a legal document that sets forth our wishes regarding the distribution of our property and the care of any minor children. If we die without a will, those wishes may not be carried out. Further, our heirs may end up spending additional time, money, and emotional energy to settle our affairs after we are gone.

Wills WA can vary in their effectiveness, depending on the type, though no document will likely resolve every issue that arises after our death. Here’s what we need to know about these vital documents. A will is a legal document that spells out our wishes regarding the care of our children, as well as the distribution of our assets after our death.

Failure to prepare a will typically leave decisions about our estate in the hands of judges or state officials and may also cause family strife.

To be completely sure everything is in order, consider having our will prepared by a trusts and estates attorney. Some people think that only the very wealthy or those with complicated assets need wills. However, there are many good reasons to have a will.

  • We can be clear about Wills lawyers Perth getting our assets. We can decide who gets what and how much.
  • We can keep our assets out of the hands of people we don’t want to have them (like an estranged relative).

We can identify who should care for our children. Without a will, the courts will decide.

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